Aesop Rock – “Rings” Video

Aesop Rock – “Rings” Video

Underground rap veteran Aesop Rock is back in full effect, gearing up to drop his new album, The Impossible Kid, later this spring. The new album will be his first solo effort since 2012’s Skelethon, which was excellent.

Our first foray into the new album is “Rings,” a song that is more revealing and introspective than Aes has been in the past. The roots of The Impossible Kid stem from a tumultuous period in the MC’s life when he left his adopted home of San Francisco to live in a barn in the deep woods after a close friend passed away. Aes harnessed that grave, somber mood on “Rings” with menacing low-end bass, knocking boom-bap drums, and colliding synth patterns that bolster his piercing lyrics. He has always been a gifted lyricist, but to hear those skills combined with honest vulnerability and contemplation hits you in your head and gut at the same time. Aes is seemingly returning to a fonder self while moving forward as an artist. If this song is even the slightest indication, The Impossible Kid will be magnificent.

The matching clip is as dark as the MC’s inspiration. Aes is struck by a car in the street for starters. Then some nifty CGI of his face split open on an operating table while he spits, and alluring animation cut fluidly for a series of memorable images and moments. Watch.


01 “Mystery Fish”
02 “Rings”
03 “Lotta Years”
04 “Dorks”
05 “Rabies”
06 “Supercell”
07 “Blood Sandwich”
08 “Get Out Of The Car”
09 “Shrunk”
10 “Kirby”
11 “TUFF”
12 “Lazy Eye”
13 “Defender”
14 “Water Tower”
15 “Molecules”


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The Impossible Kid is out 4/29 on Rhymesayers. Pre-order is available in digital and physical formats.

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