Minor Victories – “A Hundred Ropes” Video

Minor Victories, the supergroup comprising Rachel Goswell from Slowdive, Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai, Justin Lockey from Editors, and his brother James Lockey, teased some piquing new music last summer. Well, the wait is over today as the group announces their self-titled debut album slated for this summer in tandem with the single “A Hundred Ropes.”

Melding sensibilites from each members respective outfits, the song opens with a deep grooving bassline and dark yet bouncy synth pattern. Then vicious shoegaze, rhythmic rolling drums, classical string flourishes, and Goswell’s wispy but powerful vocals come in for a jolt to the energy level. Goswell repeats “We’ve got to find our own way out” on the hook, but it’s easy to get lost in well-blended array of sonics.

The video is simple but striking. Filmed by the Lockey brothers in conjunction with Hand Held Cine Club, It features samurai ominously emerging from a tall wheat field in extremely slow motion wielding weapons and war flags, ending with the leader on the verge of unsheathing his sword. Check it out.

Minor Victories’ self-titled debut is out on 6/3 via Fat Possum.