Moxie Raia – “On My Mind” (Feat. Pusha T)

It’s rare that Pusha T deviates from his white powder tales, but New Jersey pop singer Moxie Raia got King Push to move the cocaine chronicles aside in favor of lovelorn confessions on “On My Mind.” Raia uses a catchy melody and sultry tone to express how difficult it is to stop an ex from ruling her thoughts. The beat is built upon an old-school drum break with deep synth bass and a repetitive keys for Raia to wistfully float above. Push comes in with a verse that details his attempts to balance his multiple mogul pursuits and a love interest. He does dedicate one bar to the drug game, though: “New goals contract with loopholes/ The president can still move O’s.” Raia’s heartfelt frustrations and Push making room in his life for love make for an endearing track, but the old-school boom-bap feel keeps it bouncy and danceable. Listen.

Raia’s 931 mixtape is out next month.