Craig Finn – “Screenwriters School” (Stereogum Premiere)

Craig Finn – “Screenwriters School” (Stereogum Premiere)

Craig Finn released a five-track EP titled Newmyer’s Roof in June of last year via PledgeMusic. This Friday the EP will become available for digital purchase with two new tracks, and it will be sold on cassette at Finn’s upcoming tour dates with Titus Andronicus. “Screenwriters School,” one of the additional songs, is a somber, bass-heavy ballad rich in Finn’s classic storytelling. The song tells the narrative of an adolescent art-school experience tainted by a horrific instance on campus — “There’s an officer down at the screen writer’s school.” Finn’s literary lyrics shine as usual through the clever poeticism of lyrics like “Came here to make movies, not to shoot something blue.” As the music becomes faint and is haunted by the distant sound of a saxophone, Finn’s words leave you in a reflective, melancholy state. And speaking of Finn’s words, here’s his statement about the song:

“Screenwriters School” was a song that we had a lot of fun creating while recording Faith In The Future. It changed a lot while we worked on it, and it ended up somewhat different in tone that rest of the record. When we had to make choices about what would make the record track list, this song got cut because it seemed more like a stand alone track. I really love it and I’m excited people are hearing it now. Stuart Bogie’s sax playing at the end is especially great.

Listen below and check out the new extended EP tracklist.


01 “Newmyer’s Roof”
02 “Three Drinks”
03 “They Know Where I Live”
04 “Extras”
05 “Dennis & Billy”
06 “Screenwriters School”
07 “Sometimes She Doesn’t Call Back”

Newmyer’s Roof is out 3/4 via Partisan Records.

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