Povi – “Park Hill” (Feat. ILoveMakonnen) + “4am”

Bay Area via Colorado singer Povi is a self-taught pop auteur. She makes a multifaceted, genre-defiant brand of pop that pulls inspiration from many different sources. Today that approach manifests in a pair of new singles produced by Christian Rich: the R&B-leaning, electro-tinged ILoveMakkonen collab “Park Hill” and “4am,” which is dipped in prog dance rhythms.

“Park Hill” is a futuristic R&B jaunt, throwing some rolling trap clicks, classical string flourishes, and playful synths into a delightful, sultry gumbo. Povi’s vocals float seductively above it all as she sings, “Honestly you want it.” ILoveMakkonen comes in with his signature sing-song cadence to flirt right back, crooning, “I could be your man.” Shades of old school Etta James ballads, trap sensibilities, and electro drops combine with the vocals for a transfixing trip.

“4am” resembles a classic electronic song, a slow-builder that cascades into cosmic synths and atmospheric sweeps. Povi sings, “I can feel bodies rushing like waves,” and it’s easy to envision a club full of people moving as such to the catchy, danceable rhythms. More Povi is certainly welcome. Listen.

“Park Hill” and “4am” are out 3/11 via Red Bull Sound Select.