Jameszoo – “Flake”

Jameszoo is the project of Dutch experimental producer and musician Mitchel van Dinther. Van Dinther is the latest Brainfeeder upstart, and his sound fits Flying Lotus’ imprint like a glove but is still distinctive. He pulls inspiration from jazz, electronic, ambient, hip-hop, funk, soul, you name it. After a slew of solid remixes and EPs, he’s set to drop his full-length Brainfeeder debut, Fool, out later this spring.

Today, Jameszoo hits us with the lead single “Flake.” It’s a writhing, glitchy, blippy, delightfully weird jaunt that diffuses into a super funky groove with synths and intricate percussion. The track is anchored by danceable grooves but an array of sounds from quick stride piano flourishes, quick synth hits, 8-bit-like video game sounds, and digital tings seemingly fall from the sky to keep the ear guessing and engaged. To have so many idiosyncrasies and incongruous rhythms with off-kilter timing, Jameszoo manages to wrangle them into a cohesive, smooth journey. If “Flake” is any indication, Fool is going to be something special. Listen.