HAWK – “The Hunt” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

After receiving attention for “Once Told,” a protest song about Ireland’s abortion laws, London indie rockers Hawk have released a new video for their single “The Hunt.” Both the music and director James Byrne’s visuals embody the sense of drama and emotional evocation for which this band is becoming known. With dreary surroundings to match the solemn orchestral undertones, HAWK weave a plot which, though relatively esoteric, definitely perpetuates a sense that their rebellious nature will continue to be a key factor of their sound. Some background on the video from singer Julie Hawk:

The song is really all about taking control of your life and letting go of excuses.
We filmed with James Byrne again, which was a pleasure as always. We wanted to take the simple idea of being hunted but in a slow-burning, eerie way, that might go unnoticed, even in broad daylight, until it’s too late. So we invited a bunch of friends down to Arundel for the day and asked them to chase us, very slowly, around the woods. They were much obliged!

Watch below.

And here’s the song on SoundCloud:

HAWK’s self-titled EP will be out 4/15 via Veta Records.

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