Stream SMILE Rhythm Method (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream SMILE Rhythm Method (Stereogum Premiere)

SMILE are a Melbourne-based band that create easygoing lo-fi tracks with myriad inspirations. While some of the songs on their new album Rhythm Method move slowly enough that you could probably label them drone punk, others like “Central Business Dickheads” throw some pleasantly twangy variation into the tracklist. Though there are strong post-punk influences prevailing for a majority of the album, as soon as you think you understand where a piece like “BLVD” is going, you’re hit by an interlude of bells relaxing enough to work as the sound track for a yoga class. This album is as spacey and aloof as it is rough and grounded, and is interesting enough to suggest that there may be still room for expansion in the field of washed out, male-led guitar music after all. Listen below.

Rhythm Method is out 4/1 on Smooch Records. Pre-order it digitally or on vinyl.

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