Small Circle – “Please Don’t Touch The Moon”

Small Circle – “Please Don’t Touch The Moon”

Philadelphia’s Small Circle is a low-key assembly of indie super friends comprising Cameron Boucher and Adam Ackerman of Sorority Noise, Rozwell Kid drummer Sean Hallock, and rookie vocalist Marissa D’Elia. Their first offering as a unit, “Please Don’t Touch The Moon,” arrives today via A.V. Club. and will be on their upcoming three-track Melatonin EP.

A gloomy groove, rolling drums, and rising guitar surround D’Elia’s mystifying vocal, before some buzzing distortion comes in for the song’s crescendo and a quick cooldown. D’Elia sings wispy and beautifully “If you are the moon/ Then I want to be the sky/ Not want to shine as bright/ Owning your imperfections/ By rejecting your own lies.” The song hits that vulnerable spot where you want the world for your partner, but you’re trying desperately to make them want it independently. The delicate prodding is bolstered by melancholy instrumentation, but loud sonics mirror the emotions we keep in check when trying to get someone to see something through their own eyes. Check it out.

Melatonin is out 4/1.

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