Katie Von Schleicher – “Baby Don’t Go” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn avant-pop auteur Katie Von Schleicher released her stellar debut, Bleaksploitation, last year on cassette. Normally there’s a certain hipster pretentiousness that comes entwined in the tape reels, but with Von Schleicher it was means of recording in the perfect setting of a pitch black room on a simple 4-track mechanism. The result was her hazy, haunting, and at times invigoratingly terrifying debut. But most people don’t own tape decks, and since the album was excellent, there was a demand for other formats.

To introduce the reissue, she’s unleashed a clip for the opener and standout track “Baby Don’t Go.” The song is a slow-chugging, tender plea with jagged edges. Schleicher pleads with a partner not to leave and offers the most vulnerable begs delivered through cutting vocals clearing a path through slow, menacing guitar strokes for a wonderful darkness. The visual treatment from Matt Strickland is just as dark as Von Schleicher indulges in a vintage, vengeful fantasy with eerie ’80s camp vibes and wonderfully disturbing imagery. Watch.



01 “Baby Don’t Go”
02 “Move Through”
03 “Ronny”
04 “Everything Ending”
05 “I’m Not the Money”
06 “Joanna”
07 “Denver Tonight”

Bleaksploitation is out 4/22 on Ba Da Bing! Pre-order is available here.