Lea Porcelain – “Out Is In” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Lea Porcelain – “Out Is In” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

“Out Is In” is the title track from German electronic duo Lea Porcelain’s upcoming EP. The song is rich in vibrant synthesizers and gentle vocals laced with percussion as lively as a marching band, creating a track as quixotic as a lucid dream. It premiered yesterday on Beats 1, and today it gets a video directed by Ethan Graham that accurately captures this otherworldly quality. Some background from the band:

Last December, we were in Belgium for 2 gigs on the weekend. One of them in Brussels, in the “Ancienne Belgique”. It was just 4 or 5 weeks after the Paris Attacks and it was all over the news that declared that there was still a suicide assassin hiding in Brussels. We didn’t think much at first but by the time we entered the city, we knew why people couldn’t escape this constant feeling of fear. Military trucks on every street within the center, MP Patrols every 50 to 100 meters. The red alert was just graded down a few days before. We were at the peak of a nervous breakdown just by being near the city-center, where our gig was. After a few days back home again, we had an idea to create a video that resembles this world of constant fear. Showing adolescents chasing down adults through the streets of London. A city where future-decisions are made today by adults that our children won’t and can’t take responsibility for. Unless one can convert their belief and sense of value. And that is exactly what the young ones are doing in our video. A world of fear in which the youth is the only force that demands justice for living in the cost of wrong decisions.

The video begins in the midst of a fight between several disheveled, distressed youth, taking one boy captive and forcing him into their depressed shelter. Meanwhile, a child in the same setting acknowledges his strength and independence, despite his circumstances. He reaches out to the other young men, inspiring them to do the same in an almost controlled, hypnotic way. As the captive young man faces the child, it is as if he is facing a reflection of his past. Matched with Lea Porcelain’s music, it’s captivating. Watch below.

The Out Is In EP is coming soon. In the meantime, get the title track at iTunes or Google Play.

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