Charli XCX – “No Fun” (The Stooges Cover)

Charli XCX – “No Fun” (The Stooges Cover)

Give Charli XCX this: She is brave. How many other chirpy pop singers would be willing to take on a volcanic canonical punk rock classic? And how many would do the song faithfully, not trying to turn its swamp-rage guitars into synthesizer bleeps? But that’s what Charli XCX has done for the soundtrack of the HBO show Vinyl, covering the Stooges’ beloved 1969 rager “No Fun” and doing all she can to equal Iggy Pop’s grunting, howling presence. It’s a losing battle, but give her credit for trying to fight it. You can hear her version of the song below.

Vinyl ends its dismal first season on Sunday. Variety reports that showrunner Terence Winter is leaving the show, but the show is coming back next season. So who knows, maybe it’ll be better now.

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