Told Slant – “Tsunami” Video

Anyone who has been to a Told Slant show over the last few years will surely recognize “Tsunami” by its tortured wail of a chorus: “Isn’t this silly and aren’t you beautiful?“. Live, the song builds to a fever pitch that results in an entire room singing along; the recorded version that’s included on Told Slant’s upcoming sophomore album Going By is more understated but no less powerful. “I am not a tsunami, so don’t look at me that way,” Felix Walworth insists in the opening line, hoping that they won’t be viewed as a destructive force of emotional terror. “I want to be a good sky on a bad day/ And today was a bad day.

Walworth yearns for someone to tell them unconditionally (and probably irrationally) that everything will be OK, but can’t seem to find that one person: “I don’t know how to talk to you without a can in my hands,” they express frustration with themselves and their community, too overcome with their own anxieties to forge meaningful connections without the help of alcohol. “I want someone to grab my face, tuck my hair behind my ears and say, ‘Isn’t this silly and aren’t you beautiful?’ Thankfully, Walworth has found some people to fill that role, as evidenced by the video for the track, which features many friends who can serve as that stabilizing force: fellow Epoch compatriots and live bandmates Gabrielle Smith (Eskimeaux) and Oliver Kalb (Bellows) appear alongside Girlpool’s Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker, and they all sing the song’s central phrase and contribute vocals to the track itself. Watch and listen via The Fader below.

Going By is out 6/17 via Double Double Whammy. You can pre-order it here. Told Slant is going on tour this summer with the Hotelier, Bellows, and Loone.

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