Suckers’ Quinn Walker Simultaneously Releases 35 Free Albums

Quinn Walker has been pretty quiet since he split with Band To Watch honorees Suckers in 2012, and hasn’t released a collection of solo work since his 2008 double album Laughter’s An Asshole/Lion Land on CocoRosie’s Voodoo-Eros label not long after we named Walker himself an Artist To Watch. But today that period of silence ends in a humongous way as Walker releases 35 albums at once. Yes, you read that right: He’s releasing 35 albums at once.

Walker previewed this motherlode earlier this year with “Selfie Queen,” the first single off Everything’s Weird, one of his new albums. And starting today, that album plus 34 others will be available on his Bandcamp. Walker is releasing remastered works of every album that he has ever made, including everything that he made as a teenager to everything that he was working on during the time he was in Suckers, and everything that he’s worked on since. In an email, Walker explained, “It’s mostly a cathartic release to give me a fresh start.”

All 35 albums will be set to “pay what you want” for the first five days, so head on over to his Bandcamp and commence the downloading.