Charli XCX – “Explode”

Charli XCX – “Explode”

When you think about it, hasn’t Charli XCX spent her entire career making music designed to help wrathful cartoon birds destroy elaborate structures? I mean, at least metaphorically? So it’s really only right that she’s got a new song on the soundtrack to the new Angry Birds movie. On that soundtrack album, Charli shares space with people like Demi Lovato, Blake Shelton, and Peter Dinklage, the latter of whom sings “The Mighty Eagle Song.” “Explode,” Charli’s contribution, is a big and bubbly pop jam. And after all the time she’s spent making experimental pop songs like “Vroom Vroom,” it feels almost like a throwback. If you’ve got Spotify, you can check it out below.

The Angry Birds soundtrack is out today. You will be very excited to learn that the movie is out 5/20.

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