Free Pizza – “Dancing” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Nashville trio Free Pizza have a genius name. Who doesn’t want free pizza? It’s probably a nightmare for venues when people show up expecting free pizza, but it’s definitely not a letdown to get the band instead. They make a fun, bouncy brand of post-punk with infectious rhythms. They’re set to drop Berlin, DE this summer, and one of the tracks where their rhythmic prowess is on display is the appropriately titled opener, “Dancing.” The song has a buoyant bass line and bright, playful guitar pattern that will undoubtedly get you moving. The accompanying clip, directed by Andrew Gibson, is a joyful house party where friends dance to a live performance of the tune in slow mo with balloons, bubbles, and confetti galore. It’s a simple set of visuals, but it looked like a lot of fun to make. It also makes a Free Pizza show look like an incredible time. Check it out.


01 “Dancing”
02 “Juliet”
03 “Patience”
04 “The Fall”
05 “Fortune and Faith”
06 “Sighing”
07 “Slipping”

Here’s a photo of the band:

Berlin, DE is out 6/17 on BUFU Records. Pre-order the single on cassette here.