Lisa Prank – “Take It All”

Lisa Prank mastermind Robin Edwards specializes in kiss-offs that seem to never quite act as complete separations. “Take It All,” the latest track we’ve heard from her upcoming Adult Teen album following “Starting Again” and “Luv Is Dumb,” reiterates the titular command over and over, but never feels completely steadfast in its desire to move on. “You can have that book we bought together/ I don’t wanna read it again,” Edwards insists. “You can have all my old records/ I’m sick of them anyway.” But there’s still some conflict in her words over whether she really wants to give it all up or hold on for just a little bit longer — “when you don’t call, baby, I won’t be surprised,” sure … but we’re all still waiting for the call. Listen via NPR below.

Adult Teen is out 6/24 via Father/Daughter Records on vinyl and Miscreant Records on tape.

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