Father John Misty – “Real Love Baby”

Father John Misty – “Real Love Baby”

Father John Misty has been going hard on the goofy antics lately — writing a Prius jingle, writing lyrics for the House Of Cards theme music, that kind of thing. But he hasn’t been writing genuine songs, the sorts of things that could potentially end up on an album. (Of course, Josh Tillman’s albums are shot through with a mordant sense of humor, too, so maybe the distinction is moot.) But this morning, Tillman shared what might be the first straight-up Father John Misty song since the great 2015 album I Love You, Honeybear. “Real Love Baby” is an effortlessly smooth ’70s-pop choogle, a song that’s either a parody of yacht rock or an entirely respectable stab at doing a straight-up yacht rock song. Again, hard to tell with this guy. Listen to “Real Love Baby” below.

I would be entirely happy with an irony-free FJM album that just sounds like this.

UPDATE: FJM has clarified that “Real Love Baby” is not featured on his in-the-works third album:

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