Robin Pecknold Answers Questions About Father John Misty, College, & New Fleet Foxes Album On Reddit

Robin Pecknold recently fielded questions on Instagram about the status of Fleet Foxes and what he though of A Moon Shaped Pool. Today, he graciously offered more of his time to host a Reddit AMA where he was asked about Josh Tillman, why he chose to go back to school, which current artists he’s digging, and more. Here’s all the interesting stuff in one convenient place…

On his relationship with former FF drummer Josh “Father John Misty” Tillman:

Josh and I haven’t spoken since the end of touring HB and, to be honest, we didn’t really speak much for the two years before that either. We ended up going down different paths too soon before our touring and recording commitments were finished. Happy he’s doing his thing tho.

On how going back to school has helped him with his music:

College has helped me practically in terms of a more legit arts education and some music theory stuff that is helpful when arranging songs. But it was also paralyzing at times. In indie rock you can throw some flutes on a song and it sounds high minded but that wouldn’t play in academia or academic art music at all, so for a while I had no idea what to do or which path I wanted to go down. For a second I thought about becoming a composer but I realized I would be really out of my depth, and I really love good songwriting and interesting melody and the human voice too much to try and move into that world, I’d be a pretender.

On artists he’s into at the moment:

Chris Cohen / Amen Dunes / Kevin Morby / Frankie Cosmos / Nap Eyes / Jessica Pratt / Ultimate Painting / Chance the Rapper / Empress Of

On why he went back to school:

I think once I had stopped touring, and was out of that bubble, I started meeting a lot of really cool and interesting people who had gone to college and learned interesting things. I was naive before and thought college was for getting a job and stubbornly thought that I could learn whatever I needed to on my own time online. So meeting those people made me really interested in it. If I’m being honest I also wanted to prove to myself that I could be more than the box I felt that I had put myself in, I want to experience as much of life as possible.

On the new direction of LP3:

Just thinking a lot in terms of contrast and slideshows.

There you have it. Hopefully he’ll be back on Twitter before the summer.