Wild Beasts – “Get My Bang” Video

Wild Beasts are following up 2014’s Present Tense with a new album called Boy King. The British art-rockers’ fifth album was produced by John Congleton, and the band’s Tom Fleming describes it as a return to “being pissed off” after the relative levity of their previous effort. As frontman Hayden Thorpe explains in a press release: “After five records there had to be an element of ‘what the fuck?’ […] The only thing you can do from that point onwards is turn your vehicle into traffic and play chicken with yourself, and do all the things you said you’d never do.”

Lead single “Get My Bang” is a vibrant, pulsating dance track — apparently, the bare-bones of these songs were initially conceived of in writing sessions with Disclosure. “It’s all about the horrific lengths you have to go to to get gratification in today’s society where we can’t live out these Byronic characters, so we have to go shopping and fight each other over TVs to satisfy the id, that primal part — that’s how people get off,” Thorpe says. The new song comes attached to a video directed by Olivier Groulx featuring two dancers and the band performing in an alleyway. Watch and listen below.

Boy King is out 8/5 via Domino.