Weaves – “Coo Coo”

Weaves – “Coo Coo”

We named the excellent Toronto four-piece Weaves a Band To Watch after they slayed at our unofficial SXSW showcase. The band’s self-titled debut is out next month, and we already heard its first single “One More.” Their latest, “Coo Coo,” is an ode to volatile relationships that opens with the tender admission: “I thought I could be someone special and cozy for you.” Weaves’ Jasmyn Burke said the following about the song in a press release:

This one came together relatively quickly but it’s really grown on us as a band as we’ve played it live. We recorded it off the floor with very few overdubs as we really feed off of each other when we play it in a live context, so we tried to capture that in the recording. The song sort of just fell out of me. I had been frustrated with a person who had been in and out of my life for many years and I finally decided to cut them out for good. I’ve always been attracted to a bit of a wild man, a nomad or lost soul of sorts and after a fight one night I just went to the studio and this sentiment started spewing out. I think when you’re in the thick of a tumultuous relationship sometimes you think you’re the one for them but then the next moment you don’t know what’s going wrong or how you’re really feeling. So for me “Coo Coo” was about looking back and also letting go. I was sort of laughing at my time spent jumping in and out of some sort of 10 year rendezvous that was leading to nowhere because I don’t think we ever really wanted it to work. I mean, where would be the fun in that?

The track went up on Noisey today. Listen below.

Weaves is out 6/17 via Kanine/Memphis Industries/Buzz Records.

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