The Amazing – “Ambulance”

With last year’s Picture You, the Amazing established themselves as masters of the moody, expansive guitar epic. It was an undefinable collection of soaring compositions that touched on prog, post-rock, and pop on their way to transcendent emotional peaks. The Dungen-affiliated Swedish quintet is already back with another album called Ambulance, and based on its title track, it will uphold their standard of excellence. “Ambulance” is a tumbling, sparkling exercise in melancholia likely to send you into sentimental overload. Like everything these guys release, it’s breathtaking, so listen up.


01 “Ambulance”
02 “Divide”
03 “Blair Drager”
04 “Tracks”
05 “Floating”
06 “Through City Lights”
07 “Moments Like These”
08 “Perfect Day For Shrimp”

Ambulance is out 7/22 on Partisan. Pre-order it in physical or digital formats.

CREDIT: Kristian Bengtsson
Tags: The Amazing