Beck – “Wow”

Beck – “Wow”

Beck’s masterpiece Odelay turns 20 in a couple of weeks, and with his new single “Wow,” Beck sounds like he’s returning to that album’s sound. More specifically, Beck has somehow come up with a 2016 version of the bemused surrealist funk of Odelay. The track, which Beck teased on Instagram yesterday, has Atlanta trap drums and a woozy flute-loop and a little bit of just-woke-up rapping from Beck. (Same lyric: “All the rules that you choose to use to get loose! With the luminous moves!”) It also has a big, sweet, incandescent hook. It’s a great song! And a vast departure from the somber Beck of Morning Phase. Check it out below.

There’s no word of a new album yet, but I’m already hoping we can get a full LP of Beck songs like this.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed — new album featuring production by Greg Kurstin out 10/21 on Capitol Records.

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