Yasiin Bey – “Local Time”

Yasiin Bey, the man who once used the name Mos Def, has said that he’s at work on what will be his final album. In the meantime, he’s holed up in his new home in Cape Town, South Africa, working on music with producer Ferrari Sheppard for a mysterious project that seems to be called Dec. 99th. We’ve heard their song “N.A.W.,” and now, as Miss Info points out, they’ve just dropped a new one called “Local Time.” It features Bey intoning things — not rapping, not exactly — over a dark electro beat. The whole thing sounds more like trip-hop, at least to me, than anything that Bey was making a decade or so ago. Listen to it below.

It’s always hard to tell with an artist this elusive, but that Yasiin Bey album will supposedly be out this year.