NZCA LINES — “Oh.. (Call Me Back)”

London’s NZCA LINES is the brainchild of Michael Lovett, who alongside collaborators Charlotte Hatherley and Sarah Jones, released his second LP Infinite Summer earlier this year. A glimmering sci-fi epic about partying before the end of the world, Infinite Summer was grandiose in a way that was perfect for turning warm weather road-trips into interstellar expeditions. So it’s remarkable then that Lovett’’s follow-up single “Oh.. (Call Me Back)” is so down to Earth. BBC6 Music commissioned the song as part of Guy Garvey’s Meltdown Festival, which takes place this week at London’s Southbank, and the song is built on samples from every day sounds recorded on the site. Here’s Lovett describing his concept:

Lyrically, the song is from the perspective of a guy who’s been stood up by his date after they arranged to meet at the Southbank to watch a film. She’s at home in the bath. Because he’s at the Southbank and there’s loads of different stuff to do, he passes the time by sitting in a cafe, seeing some art, reading his book. It’s all inspired by the creation of these two characters and the setting of the arts centre.

Imbued with a twitchy pep, “Oh.. (Call Me Back)” reaches beyond its specific context and setting into something universally relatable — finding your own step when your partner doesn’t show up to dance. Listen below.

Infinite Summer is out now on Memphis Industries.

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