Kweku Collins – “Stupid Rose” Video

Illinois Artist To Watch Kweku Collins dropped the excellent Nat Love a couple months ago. He has an uncanny ability to sum up some of the most complex experiences in life with a wisdom beyond his 19 years.

One of the standout tracks on the album was “Stupid Rose,” the story of an unrequited crush set to an updated neo-soul-esque bounce with dry trap drums and warped synths snaking around Collins’ dexterous flows. The video is a loose reenactment of the song in which Collins is stood up for a date. After throwing the roses high in the air over his back similar to how a bride tosses her bouquet, the day turns into fun-filled adventures with the homies. They shred suburban streets on skateboards, catch some grub at a taco truck, and kick on the roof of a house. Just like Collins’ music, the video has a simple enough theme from director Cody LaPlant, capturing the carefree spirit of teens, but the thoughtfulness and contemplation of the song paired with the images help to elevate it to something more. Watch.

Nat Love is out now via Closed Sessions.