Download Show Me The Body Body War

Show Me The Body are a Queens trio that has gained a cult following based on the strength of two EPs — Yellow Kidney and S M T B, released over the past two years — and an intense live show. Today, they’re putting out their debut full-length, Body War, as a free download. Sonically, they’re following in the footsteps of groups of recent vintage that have pushed sloppy in-the-red dynamics to their breaking points, like Clipping.‘s white noise distortion or Death Grips’ propulsive blasts, but Show Me The Body filter their sound through a more hardcore lens, one that’s rooted in the sweaty underground punk shows of their upbringing. Body War is a messy, harsh 30 minutes in the best possible way — listen to the whole thing below or download it here.

Body War is out now. You can download it for free here.