Common Starring In Black Samurai TV Series

Windy City MC Common is pretty much equal parts rapper and actor these days, with the scales tipping more toward the latter now that he’s been in more movies than he has albums. His latest acting credit will be the lead role for Black Samurai, a television adaption of Marc Olden’s 1974 book series. According to Variety the show follows the story of Robert Sand (Common) who is rescued by a Japanese samurai and trained for seven years. After suffering from vicious racism in the military and seeing his master killed before his eyes by terrorists, Sand becomes a killing machine out to destroy the corrupt powers who took his life from him.

As you would expect, anywhere there is an intersection of hip-hop and Asian culture there will also be RZA, who’s signed on as executive producer. The project is currently being shopped to networks. Once a network is attached the search for writers and a director will begin, and Variety reports that with Common set to star, the project has a lot of interest. Producer Andre Gaines had this to say about the series, the lead role, and Common’s acting ability:

Robert Sand is like a black Jason Bourne. Black Samurai is one of the most unique, timely and fun experiences I’ve ever read, while at the same time tackling some serious subjects around race and diversity. With John Wick 2 and Suicide Squad coming up, Common was an obvious choice for the role, and I’m thrilled to have him on board. I believe he’s the next great American actor.

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