Fits – “Crush” (Stereogum Premiere)

If you make a song that’s under a minute long, you’ve gotta be pretty damn confident that it’s going to hit hard and fast. “Crush,” the debut full band single from Fits, more than makes the mark — it’s 51 seconds of unrelenting hooks and energy, echoing infatuation’s stumbling awkwardness. Fits started as the project of Nicolas Cummins — who played in Fern Mayo and occasionally joins PWR BTTM live — and “Crush” originally appeared on a batch of home-recorded demos from last year, but it’s been beefed up with Fits’ new lineup, which includes Big Ups’ Joe Galarraga, gobbinjr’s Emma Witmer, and Fern Mayo’s Brian Orante, and together they feel like an unstoppable force. “The thing that that you said/ It wasn’t okay/ Not back then,” Cummins sings on the back half, the song imploding like a fireball. Listen below.

“Crush” will appear on an upcoming split with Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, which will be out 6/29 via Broken World Media. Release shows are next Wednesday (6/29) at Deep Sea Hideout in Philly and Thursday (6/30) at Aviv in Brooklyn.

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