Kanye West’s Former Creative Consultant Brawls With A$AP Bari, Theophilus London, Gets Obliterated On Twitter

Ian Connor rose to fame quickly as Kanye West’s creative consultant, but he’s come under fire recently following rape allegations by several women. Kanye has since distanced himself from Connor, and the same people that helped the 23-year-old fashion talent rise have come after him, too, including fellow Kanye underling Theophilus London and A$AP crew’s A$AP Bari. During a show for Bari’s Vlone clothing line during Paris Fashion Week, London confronted Connor and told him he would “slap the shit” out of him. Connor then retaliated a few moments later, punching London in the face before the two were separated by none other than A$AP Rocky. As Connor was exiting the event, Bari punched him in the face. Since then, all three have been going at each other on Twitter and it looks like this won’t calm down anytime soon.

Watch footage of Ian Connor and Theophilus London:

Here’s footage of A$AP Bari punching Connor:

After the incidents both Bari and London annihilated him on Twitter

Some of London’s many tweets:

A few of Bari’s tweets:

A few of Connor’s tweets: