Majid Jordan – “Make It Work” Video

OVO electro R&B duo Majid Jordan dropped their self-titled debut about four months ago. They’ve released a bunch of visuals for the album, and the latest is for the standout track “Make It Work.” It’s your classic boy-laments-losing-girl track, and the duo has gone vintage with the help of director Aaron A. for a ’90s-filtered clip. Sexy Technicolor images of a numb Majid Al Maskati unable to enjoy any of the beautiful women he comes into contact with are contrasted with a screaming, uncomfortable fight with an ex, producer Jordan Ullman smoothly playing the piano while a woman serves as his personal blunt passer. A loose couples narrative unfolds before Al Maskati gets into a classic car and rides off into the night with his ex chasing after him. Watch.

Majid Jordan is out now via OVO Sound/Warner Bros.