angelic milk – “Tie Me Up”

angelic milk – “Tie Me Up”

The artwork for Teenage Movie Soundtrack, the upcoming new EP from Band To Watch angelic milk, depicts Russian-born band leader Sarah Persephona tied up on a bed surrounded by washed-out stuffed animals, staring directly into the camera. It’s an evocative image, drawing from and willfully derivative of decades worth of teen movies that she’s absorbed and abided by over the years. “Tie Me Up,” the second single we’ve heard from the band’s new release after “Rebel Black,” is similarly indebted to its influences, sounding like a mash-up of ’90 punk greats. But that makes it no less winning as Persephona yields that familiarity to powerful ends — as she repeats the titular command over and over again, the song ramps up in energy and you can hear the desire to be confined as a way to find freedom. Listen via Spin below.

The Teenage Movie Soundtrack EP is out 7/15 via PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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