Ryan Hemsworth – “Wait” (Feat. Mitski & Keaton Henson)

DIY hero Mistki and drift-pop producer Ryan Hemsworth have been friends for a long time. Last year, Hemsworth remixed Mitski’s song “Francis Forever,” and the two of them got together to discuss potential songs of the summer for Stereogum. And now they’ve joined forces again, for this summer’s Adult Swim Singles Series (which, it has to be said, is going great). On the new track “Wait,” Mitski and the insular British folk singer Keaton Henson both sing over a hazy, hypnotic Hemsworth track. It’s a deeply pretty song, one that creates its own atmosphere. Below, listen to the track and read a quote about it from Hemsworth, both via Paper.

Keep up with this summer’s Adult Swim Singles Series here. Meanwhile, Mitski’s Puberty 2 one of our favorite albums of the year thus far, is out now on Dead Oceans.