The Amazing – “Floating”

The Amazing – “Floating”

We’re pretty excited about Ambulance, the new album from Swedish quintet the Amazing, which is set for release later this month. The title track was a breathtaking first glimpse and today, we’re premiering “Floating,” the record’s second single, which vocalist/guitarist Christoffer Gunrup calls “our ‘Burger King’ commercial. I had something different in mind, but Fredrik [Swahn, guitar/keys] and Moussa [Fadera, drums] kept adding things — it’s easy to be annoyed with it.” Whatever you say, Christoffer! Beautifully matching male and female vocal harmonies, “Floating” is another melancholic trip with a consistent guitar lead that perfectly accents the vocal melody. Check it out below.

Ambulance is out 7/22 on Partisan. Pre-order it in physical or digital formats.

The Amazing -
CREDIT: Kristian Bengtsson

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