Stream MAKE Pilgrimage Of Loathing

Stream MAKE Pilgrimage Of Loathing

About this time last year, North Carolina’s MAKE released their sophomore record, The Golden Veil. That album, which mixed pensive desert vibes with moments of pure caustic rage, introduced the band’s version of psychedelic doom and post-metal to a wider audience — we featured one of its best songs, “The Absurdist” here in The Black Market. Today, we’re streaming Pilgrimage Of Loathing, the band’s follow-up to The Golden Veil. Everything that made The Golden Veil great is now both amplified and refined, and MAKE are angrier — and better — than ever.

If contemplative instrumental building largely defined The Golden Veil, unbridled fury takes hold on Pilgrimage Of Loathing. There are a few absolutely towering songs here. On “Somnambulist,” gigantic swells lurch beneath haunting clear guitar leads and corrosive screams. A track title like “Human Garbage” lets you know how the band really feels about things, but also know that it is aimed squarely at Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory “and all other career opportunist scumbag politicians across the country.”

Uncontrollable anger aside, there are plenty of moments of pure contemplative beauty, when picked guitars delicately intertwine in zen-inducing ways over feathered drums. Perhaps less in-your-face than “Human Garbage,” “Two Hawks Fucking” wouldn’t seem to be the title of a gorgeous instrumental interlude that you might imagine soundtracking a vista of storm clouds rolling across open country — that is, until you get to know MAKE. “Dirt” goes a slightly different direction than the rest, starting with a sun-blasted and heat-weary doom groove that then turns into a sort of hopeless anthem.

Next week, MAKE are on tour with Dragged Into Sunlight and Primitive Man. That will be a hell of a show. Listen to the new album below to know what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Pilgrimage Of Loathing is out 7/17 on Accident Prone Records.

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