Watch Blink-182 Play A New Song And A Classic On Colbert

After scoring a #1 album and finally ending Drake’s interminable run atop the charts, ’90s pop-punk kings Blink-182 took a victory lap last night, doing musical-guest duties on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. On the show, they played “Bored To Death,” the arena-punk first single from their new album California, and they sounded great! For some reason, I never realized how much of his old band Alkaline Trio the new member Matt Skiba brought to that song until I heard that live version. It turns out to be one of those excessively-produced rock songs that sounds better without all the studio effects. And as an online bonus, they also trotted out their 1999 mega-hit “What’s My Age Again?,” which still rules even though the band members are emphatically not 23 anymore. Check out both performances below.

California is out now on BMG.