Katie Dey – “Only To Trip And Fall Down Again”

Katie Dey’s debut full-length is structured like a series of interconnected vignettes: “Only To Trip And Fall Down Again,” the album’s second single, follows another song (separated by an interlude) called “So You Pick Yourself Up,” and it’s as much an extension of that track’s weary optimism as it is its own entity. This one takes place after a failure, when you’re trying not to lose hope in the often fruitless uphill battle that is life. It’s reassuring and defeated in equal measure — Dey’s voice is pinched and pained, broken apart by static that shifts like grains of sand: “Don’t be falling off,” she indiscernibly squeals. Like the rest of her music, it’s hard to place a finger on exactly how or why it’s so affecting, but it sure is. Listen via The Le Sigh below and check out our recent Artist To Watch feature.

Flood Network is out 8/12 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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