The Moles – “Dreamland”

The Moles – “Dreamland”

First Richard Davies was the frontman of the legendary Australian psych-pop outfit the Moles, and then later the sole member when the group split up following their debut album. Each iteration of the band only saw one full-length release during their breakout in the ’90s, compiled most recently in the 2014 Fire Records reissue Flashbacks And Dream Sequences: The Story Of The Moles. But now Davies is finally releasing a new LP under the Moles moniker, 22 years since the last one.

Titled Tonight’s Music, the album features songs accumulated over the course of the band’s absence and was recorded in Boston, New York, and Massachusetts sporadically whenever Davies found an idea and an opportunity. Contributors to the record include Bob Fay (Sebadoh), Dion Nania (Free Time), Malcolm Travis (Sugar), and Jarvis Taveniere (Woods), the last of whom recorded the Moles’ double-A-side single from 2014. Our first taste of Tonight’s Music is “Dreamland,” a homespun chamber pop tune that’s wistful and winsome. After 20 seconds of subtle guitar shimmering, the song unfolds into a playful groove, with Davies sweetly predicting, “By the time I play in a band/ You’ll be in dreamland.” It’s an unassuming tune, pleasant and pure. Listen to “Dreamland” and check out the Tonight’s Music tracklist below.


01 “Strange Summer”
02 “Head In The Speakers”
03 “Space Fever”
04 “Highbury And Islington”
05 “Needle And Thread”
06 “Slings And Arrows”
07 “Stray Dog”
08 “Red Carpet”
09 “Damien Lovelock”
10 “K.B.O.”
11 “Home For The Hobos”
12 “Are You Free Tomorrow?”
13 “Dreamland”
14 “Beauty Queen Of Watts”
15 “Chills”
16 “Out Of Thin Air”
17 “Room Temperature”
18 “You’re In My Band”
19 “Hand Carved Imported Oil Painting”
20 “Shandy”
21 “Wear And Tear”
22 “Tonight’s Music”
23 “Artificial Heart”
24 “Imperial Blues”

Tonight’s Music is out 8/12 via Fire Records. Pre-order it here.

The Moles

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