Erin Tobey – “Medicine Garden” Video

Erin Tobey released her very good album Middlemaze last month — the Bloomington, Indiana-based singer-songwriter’s first new solo album in over ten years — and today, she’s sharing a video for “Medicine Garden.” It’s a low-key affair, co-directed by Tobey and Eric Ayotte, featuring lots of time-lapse shots of a garden swaying in the wind and close-ups of bugs, plus one very beguiling black cat. The climax features Tobey peeking out of the plants, singing while trying not to get swallowed up. Watch below.

Tour Dates:
07/23 Spencer, IN @ Stable Studios (Plan-It-X Fest)
08/13 Bedford, IN @ Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary (Iris Camp)

Middlemaze is out now via Let’s Pretend Records.