M.I.A. – “Go Off”

After publicly threatening to leak her new album, M.I.A. announced that she will formally release A.I.M. on 9/9. “Go Off” is the LP’s debut single, which she worked on with Skrillex and Black Star. M.I.A. premiered the song today on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1, and she talked about earlier statements that AIM will be her last album.

Is it really your last record?

Yeah. I think, I think so. I want to go do some other stuff and take some time off but I’m sure I’ll put music out and I’ll make music, but as an album it just sort of came together after “Borders.”

M.I.A. shared the lyrics to the song earlier this week on Genius, and now you can hear it in its entirety below by BBC player or Spotify.

This is the clip that “Go Off” samples:

A.I.M. is out 9/9.