Jenn Champion – “No One”

Jenn Champion – “No One”

Carissa’s Wierd member Jenn Champion’s indie rock project S was responsible for one of 2014’s best and most underrated albums, Cool Choices. Now Champion is recording under her own name, and she’s shifting to an eerie electronic sound inspired by the films of Nicolas Winding Refn. “No One” is our first sample of the new project, and it uses a fresh array of sounds to cast the same sleek, melancholy shadow I know and love from Champion’s rock music. Check it out below.

“No One” will be released as a digital single along with six remixes:

01 “No One”
02 “No One (Glitterbang Remix)”
03 “No One (Crater Remix)”
04 “No One (USF Remix)”
05 “No One (SassyBlack Remix)”
06 “No One (Breakmaster Cylinder Remix)”
07 “No One (Malidont Remix)”

It’s out 8/5 on Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

Jenn Champion
CREDIT: Angel Ceballos

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