Stream 21 Savage & Metro Boomin Savage Mode EP

21 Savage is an Atlanta rapper with a fearsome street reputation and a gift for rapping about appalling and violent things and sounding sleepy and bored while he does it. He is terrifying. And on his new EP Savage Mode, he has teamed up with the great Atlanta producer Metro Boomin, who has made much of Future’s best music and who may still be doing his best work with 21 Savage. The two of them make one hell of a combination: 21 Savage rapping calmly and matter-of-factly about doing unspeakable things, Metro Boomin using meditative pianos and new-age pan flutes to soundtrack it. There’s only one guest appearance on the EP, and it’s Future. (They’re calling it an EP, but it’s nine songs.) It’s so good. I legitimately cannot bring myself to listen to anything else today. Use Spotify to stream the whole thing below.

The self-released Savage Mode is out now at iTunes.