JEFF The Brotherhood – “Punishment”

JEFF The Brotherhood – “Punishment”

The tireless and prolific JEFF The Brotherhood are back with yet another new album — their most recent was last year’s Global Chakra Rhythms. This one is a spiritual successor to 2009’s Heavy Days and 2011’s We Are The Champions, and the band describes it as the final installment in that trilogy. It’s called Zone and the press release says it “took about two weeks, 4 racks of ribs, a few dozen chicken wings, 3 pork chops, some sausage, a brisket, and a whole lot of smoke wood to make,” which, yum! One of the album tracks features guest vocals from Bully’s Alicia Bognanno, but they’re leading off with a different song: “Punishment” is the kind of scuzzy, psyched-out rock that this band does best. Listen and find all the pertinent album details below.


01 “Zone”
02 “Energy”
03 “Punishment”
04 “Juice”
05 “Roachin”
06 “Idiot”
07 “Ox”
08 “Bad”
09 “Habit”
10 “Toasted”
11 “You”
12 “Portugal”

ZoneDine Alone Records.

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