DIANA – “Slipping Away”

DIANA – “Slipping Away”

“Slipping Away” slowly creaks in like water dripping from a leaky faucet in a reverberating room: soft and hypnotic, impossible to turn your attention away from. Yet over the course of nearly five minutes, that seepage overflows into a full-blown flood, one that waves not in deep pulses but funky jitters. The group behind the song, Canadian pop trio DIANA, mastered this art of subtly enveloping dance music on their 2013 debut Perpetual Surrender. That album saw lead vocalist Carmen Elle blend beautifully into the burbling backdrops composed by bandmates Kieran Adams and Joseph Shabason, the latter of whom you may have heard as the saxophonist blasting color all across Destroyer’s beloved Kaputt.

But “Slipping Away” doesn’t strut with the same soft rock, yacht-pop of Kaputt; it constructs similarly lush tapestries that instead groove with dance club finger snaps and imploding bass. Elle now stands on top of the mix, rather than within it, and keeps her surroundings comfortably warm with the blanket of her temperate vocals, receiving additional help from the consecutive synth lines folding on top of the next like layers of Fondant on an artisanal cake. DIANA make the dance floor a self-contained environment, with its own climate and architecture — and I can’t wait to get lost in their world when their next album arrives. Here’s Adams on the background behind the song:

“Slipping Away” is a song about trying to be a better person. It’s about trying to uncover the layers of experience that you build, the things that create your world that aren’t necessarily under your control, and trying to let go of boundaries that you might feel enclosed by. Pride and expectations do so much harm to individuals and society and we often push away enlightenment because we have a flawed image of what a positive shift feels like, and we choose comfort instead of change.

Listen below.

DIANA are currently finishing up their sophomore LP, which is expected sometime this fall.


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