Jesu/Sun Kil Moon – “He’s Bad”

Mark Kozelek really hates Michael Jackson. Like, really, really hates Michael Jackson. Sun Kil Moon and Jesu teamed up for a collaborative album early this year, and now they’ve followed that up with “He’s Bad,” a new song in which Kozelek enumerates all the ways in which Michael Jackson was a terrible human being, culminating with this chorus: ‘He’s bad/ And he’s dead and I’m glad/ He’s dead/ And to me it ain’t that fucking sad.” Here’s another excerpt: “I’m sorry for the bad things that his father did to him/ But it doesn’t add up to building a Willy Wonka trap for kids/ And changing the color of your god-given skin.” The track comes from another Jesu/SKM album that’s coming in June of next year, 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth, and you can hear it here.

30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth is out 6/1 on Kozelek’s Caldo Verde Records.