Nite Jewel – “Running Out Of Time (Julia Holter Remix)”

Nite Jewel and Julia Holter both make hazy, flickering forms of personal, auteurist pop music. But the two artists are vastly different from one another, and it’s pretty fascinating to hear what happens when we get to hear the fingerprints of both on a song. Last month, Nite Jewel, Ramona Gonzalez’s soft-focus electro-pop project, released the new album Liquid Cool. Today, neoclassical pop experimentalist Julia Holter has taken on “Running Out Of Time,” a song from that album, turning the pulsing synth track into a pretty piece of meditative serenity. Stereogum head boss Scott Lapatine’s verdict: “It’s nice. Sounds like Enya.”) Listen to it below.

Liquid Cool is out now on Gloriette Records.