Watch Will Smith Do “Miami” At Suicide Squad Event In Miami

Squaaaaaad! As you’ve probably heard, the latest iteration of the DC Comics summer blockbuster is Suicide Squad, and Will Smith will be playing Deadshot. During an event to promote the film in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District this past Monday, Smith dusted off none other than the Big Willie Style hit “Miami” as fellow cast members Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara, Jay Hernandez, and director David Ayer danced in the background. You can see a sea of phones and selfie sticks come out as he kind of stumbles through the lyrics at first, but catches his stride. The impromptu performance came before a huge mural for the film was revealed. Who knew DC Comics fans loved Big Willie? Check out fan footage of the quick performance and a pic of the mural below.

Suicide Squad is in theaters everywhere 8/5. The “Miami” 12″ is probably in a discount bin near you.