Emma Ruth Rundle – “Marked For Death”

Emma Ruth Rundle – “Marked For Death”

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle has been a part of heavy, doomy bands like Red Sparrowes and Marriages. And on her own, she makes intense internal music. She’s just announced plans to follow up her 2014 solo album Some Heavy Ocean with an new one called Marked For Death. (I’d like to believe that she named it after one of Steven Seagal’s best movies, but it’s probably just a coincidence.) The first song we’ve heard from the LP is the stormy, searing title track, which does the quiet/loud/quiet thing better than any song I’ve heard in recent memory. Listen to it below, via The FADER.

Of the song, Rundle says, “‘Marked For Death’ was the first song I had written for this record. It’s a defeated love song of sorts: from the self loathing alcoholic in flames to her one time truly broken, lost and mentally ill friend.”

Marked For Death is out 9/30 on Sargent House.

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