Refused – “Servants Of Death” Video

Refused – “Servants Of Death” Video

Swedish lefty punks Refused had a long tour in support of last year’s underrated album Freedom. They have a wildly energetic onstage performance and bring pure chaos with them wherever they perform, and they’ve captured all of that mayhem in the video scrapbook for “Servants Of Death.” The vid is lit like a Molotov cocktail. Here’s what drummer David Sandström told Rolling Stone about it:

Our tour manager, Robin Laananen, is a great photographer and she’s gotten a lot of intense footage from the tours we’ve been doing. We tend to not let photographers too close but she’s the exception, so when we saw the footage we decided to give our fans a chance to peek into our world through this video. “Servants of Death” is a pressure cooker of a song and the images really fit the madness of it.

Gird your loins and watch.

Freedom is out now.

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