LAPD Investigating Alleged Beyhive Hack Of Becky With The Good Hair

When, on the Lemonade track “Sorry,” Beyoné uttered the phrase “he better call Becky with the good hair” twice, she set off a firestorm of theories. The prevailing theory, among many fans, is that Jay Z cheated on Bey with fashion designer Rachel Roy, Jay’s ex-partner Dame Dash’s ex-wife, and that the line was Beyoncé’s way of getting back. And now, TMZ reports that rabid Beyoncé fans may have responded by hacking Roy.

A few days after Lemonade came out, and after Roy had baited the Beyhive with a “good hair don’t care” Instagram selfie, Roy told the Los Angeles police that her Gmail and iCloud accounts had been hacked and that someone had changed her phone number without her permission. Now the LAPD has a search warrant to go through phone and email records, and they might find out which rabid Beyoncé fans were making the attack. The lesson, perhaps, is this: Don’t take music fandom too seriously.

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